Once you contact me about any of the services listed, please be prepared to do a teensy bit of homework. (Hey, I used to teach high school English!) Do some research and collect a handful of example websites/copywriting/photography that you find inspiring. It will help guide me as I complete preliminary work on your project.

All services require a 25% down payment with your signed contract.

Web Design

How do you design my site?

I work with WordPress customizable themes to create your website. You will supply me with the domain name, and I can walk you through the hosting options available.

Keep in mind that you will incur annual fees to maintain the site's domain name and hosting (I like GoDaddy). 

Please understand that I am not a backend web developer constructing your entire website from a flashing cursor on a blank screen. I know enough HTML and CSS to customize templates beyond basic offerings and I want to use the most effective tools to complete the job--WordPress is that tool. WordPress is a powerful content management system and I am a curator of you content on that system.

WordPress is a trusted, secure, and reliable system. Your site will function responsively, display content professionally, and all with intuitive navigation.

What is the design process like?

To begin, I will consult with your site needs. Are you looking for a fairly simple page with static content not requiring constant updates, or do you have a wide range of products which will need to be categorized, captioned, and placed into an image slider? Will you require forms created to collect information from clients? How about video or social media integration?

Once we select the functional needs for your site, you'll gather all the content (images & copy) and design details (logos & graphics) you'd like to include and send them my way. From there it is up to me to assemble all the pieces into a cohesive product.

I will send a preliminary draft of the pages for you to critique in detail. Then I will revise the site based on what you request. During this process we will be in touch as I complete the website prior to its final draft.

Once you have received the final draft, you can suggest any last design edits you'd like. After I complete those revisions, you can sign off on the final product, pay the balance due, and the site will be live.

How much do you charge?

Basic web designs begin at $500 and include up to 3 pages. Additional pages cost $75 each. Contact me to ask about a Pricing Guide to learn about additional options. 

How quickly will my site be up and running?

This obviously depends on so many factors including my current workload, the number of pages requested, as well as how quickly you submit materials, or return drafts with comments. Is there a full moon that month? Am I drinking enough coffee? I kid!

Once you sign a contract with me, make your 25% down payment, and send me all the content needed to complete the site, I begin the drafting process immediately.

A fair estimate for this process would be about 4-6 weeks for an average size small business site with 4-6 pages.

I'll estimate a timeline once I have compiled materials, so my best response to this question is to be suspicious if any web designer who can tell you how long a project will take *sight* unseen.