Evaluative Thesis Statements. While both intermittent fasting and low carbohydrate diets display some shortcomings, intermittent fasting offers significant advantages to low carbohydrate diets.​ Although Dumbledore and Gandalf each represent the ‘wise old man’ character trope in the world of literary wizards, Gandalf is a superior literary example. ​ Although both rely on images to tell stories, comic books invite children to interact with texts with a greater level of complexity than picture books. ​

These thesis statements compare two subjects subjectively while identifying differences and similarities. The writer makes a claim that favors one subject over the other. A preference for one idea or subject is clear.
This type of thesis is great for expository essays and research papers.
Try to dig deep to find the point of interest when comparing subjects. Avoid the obvious to capture your reader’s attention!

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